I spoke about impoverished families, not about Hindus or Muslims: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi clarified his words on “infiltrators” and “those with more children” in an interview with News18. He stated that he was speaking about all impoverished families, not just Muslims, and that he would be “unworthy of public life” the day he began practicing Hinduism.

PM Modi said he does not promote love for Muslims in an interview with News18. “I do not work for a vote bank,” he remarked. “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas” is what I firmly think.”

I’m taken aback. Who informed you that the assumption is that Muslims are those who have more children when they are discussed? Why do you treat Muslims with such injustice? This is also the case for low-income households. Regardless of their socioeconomic circle, there are more children in areas of poverty. I made no mention of Muslims or Hindus. As I’ve previously said, a person should have as many children as they are able to raise. Avoid putting yourself in a position where the state has to look after your kids,” the PM said on Tuesday.

The PM added that his opponents “tarnished” his image among Muslims during the Godhra riots in Gujarat in 2002, when he was the state’s chief minister.

“Muslims are not at issue here. Regardless of the level of support that individual Muslims have for Modi, there is a current of thinking that tells them what to do. Every Muslim family in my neighborhood surrounded me. In addition to other celebrations, we also celebrated Eid in our home. On the day of Eid, there was no cooking done in our home. I used to have food delivered to my house from every Muslim household. Many of my pals are still Muslims now. My reputation was damaged after Godhra in 2002,” he said.

He said that “people of the country will vote for me” in response to a question about whether Muslims will support him in the next Lok Sabha election.

“I won’t be allowed to reside in a public area from the day I convert to Hinduism and Islam. I refuse to be Hindu-Muslim. I promise you this,” Modi said.

Earlier, Modi said that the Congress intended to seize people’s wealth and possessions and divide them among “those having more children” during a public event in Rajasthan.

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