Idukki pocso case survivor’s death: postmortem report states that the girl suffocated to death

The 18-year-old Pocso survivor was discovered dead in Erattayar on Tuesday, with a belt tight around her neck. According to the preliminary autopsy report, she may have choked to death.


The police believe it to be a suicide since they do not have any other evidence that would support the case as a homicide. But according to the police, the forensic and postmortem results must be obtained before the precise cause of death can be determined.

It has come to light that the girl sent a voice recording to one of her pals declaring she was going to commit herself, and that the police have obtained the audio. According to an official, the police are reviewing the girl’s WhatsApp conversations and call logs on her phone. Furthermore, nothing strange is seen in the CCTV footage that was gathered from surrounding areas, the officer said.

The youngster was discovered dead in her bedroom by her mother on Tuesday at approximately 8.45 a.m. She was a survivor in a Pocso case that was filed within the Kattapana police station boundaries in 2022. According to an official, “the girl’s mother went to wake her up and found her lying dead on the bed with her father’s elastic belt tightened around her neck.” At that moment, the girl’s brother, who had left the home at approximately 9.45 p.m., returned at 2.45 a.m. Her parents were inside the house. There is another brother of the girl who works in Bengaluru.

According to the official, none of the family members seem to be aware of it. According to the Pocso complaint, which was filed under the Kattappana Police Station in 2022, the girl was subjected to sexual assault at home while her family members were out by a guy she was romantically associated with and his buddy. An official said, “The accused are free on bail and the case is in the trial stage.”

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