If elected, will provide the Kashyap community with representation: Hooda

In the event that the Congress wins power, former chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda has pledged to guarantee the Kashyap community’s representation and empowerment.

Hooda urged the people in the village to join the party, promising that their opinions and contributions would be heard and taken into consideration within the party’s parameters.

He asked them to work together to retake the Congress. “If the Congress comes to power, I guarantee that community people will play a major role and participate appropriately in politics. After our government is formed, we will do all in our power to preserve the community’s honor and dignity,” Hooda said, outlining the actions done for their benefit by the previous Congress administration.

He outlined the actions done to advance the Backward Classes and said that this was one of the party’s top goals. When the Congress was in office, BC-A and BC-B

He said, “Categories were formed to provide the Backward Classes full benefits of all welfare schemes and reservations.”

After their administration was established, he claimed, various programs will be put in place for the welfare of Dalits and other marginalized and backward groups in society.

State party president Udai Bhan, accompanied by former state Assembly Speaker Kuldeep Sharma, said that the BJP administration was disregarding the rights of Dalits and Backward Classes, claiming that employment under the Haryana Kaushal Rozgar Nigam was one of the steps towards ending job reservation.

If elected to power, he said, “We will abolish such steps for the welfare of the members of Backward Classes.”

According to him, the Congress launched “Nyay Abhiyan” to guarantee that members of the Backward Classes participate appropriately in all spheres of society. He said that the Congress had brought up the subject of a caste-based census in order to provide marginalized groups, Dalits, and the backward classes with participation and justice based on their numbers.

He went on to say that the Congress has pledged to create 30 lakh jobs to empower young and to guarantee farmers a minimum support price (MSP) in order to achieve justice for them. He said, “The Congress will start regular recruitment in the armed forces instead of Agniveer after coming to power.”