IIT Kharagpur Convocation: PM Modi told the students, your software solutions are useful for the country in the fight against Corona

IIT Kharagpur Convocation: PM Modi told the students, your software solutions are useful for the country in the fight against Corona

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) told the students at the convocation ceremony of IIT Kharagpur (IIT Kharagpur Convocation) that by leaving this campus, you not only have to start your new life, but you will change the lives of crores of people in the country. Startups are also to be built. So this degree, this medal which is in your hand, it is an aspiration letter of millions of hopes, which you have to fulfill. PM Modi addressed the 66th convocation of IIT Kharagpur through video conferencing.

The Prime Minister told the students, "Being an engineer, a capability develops in you and that is the ability to move things from patterns to patents. That is, in a way, you have the vision to see subjects in more detail. " He said that all of you, on the path of science, technology and innovation, there is no place for haste. What you have thought, you may not get complete success in the innovation you are working on. But that failure of yours will also be considered a success, because you will learn something from it as well.

He said, “The situation of 21st century India has also changed, needs have also changed and aspirations have also changed. Now IITs need to be taken to the next level not only in the Indian Institutes of Technology, but in the case of Institute of Indigenous Technology. India needs technology that minimizes damage to the environment, is durable and people can use it more easily. ”

PM Modi praised the students of IIT Kharagpur

PM Modi said that be it 'Internet of Things' or Modern Construction Technology, IIT Kharagpur is doing commendable work. He said that your software solutions are also useful for the country in the fight against Corona. Now you have to work fast on the futuristic solutions of Health Tech. Referring to the tragedy caused by the breaking of the glacier in Uttarakhand, he said, "We should focus on improving the infrastructure in the face of disaster."

The Prime Minister said that today India is among those countries where the cost of very solar power is very low per unit. But there are still many challenges to deliver solar power from door to door. He said, "You know that at a time when the world is facing the challenges of climate change, India put the idea of ​​International Solar Alliance (ISA) in front of the world and made it tangible. Today many countries of the world are joining this campaign started by India. "

Varanasi: screenshot of whatapp chats with girlfriends shared on facebook, consumed poison by attributing death

Varanasi: screenshot of whatapp chats with girlfriends shared on facebook, consumed poison by attributing death

After a dispute with a boy girlfriend in Varanasi, UP, after consuming poison, he committed suicide (Boy Suicide By Poison). Before dying, the boy shared a screenshot of his conversation with his girlfriend on WhatsApp in a post on his Girlfriend Chat Share In Facebook. Along with this, he has also held the girl responsible for his death. It is being told that when the boy reached his house after eating poison, he was staggering badly. The family brought him to the hospital immediately for treatment, but he could not be saved.

Angry family protested on the road with the dead body of the son, demanding the arrest of the girl (Family Demand Arrest For Girl). Seeing the escalation, the police somehow explained to them and got the boy cremated. Amit Jaiswal, a 30-year-old victim, was a resident of Khajuri Gola in Hukulganj. As per the news, he had reached his house late on Thursday in an indiscriminate condition.

Boy died in hospital

As soon as the family was aware that they had consumed poison, they were immediately admitted to the hospital. The family immediately informed the police about this. Seeing the deteriorating health, he was referred to the BHU Trauma Center from Kabirchaura Mandal Hospital. The boy died while undergoing treatment.

Angry family members created a lot of uproar after the post-mortem of the son by keeping his dead body on the road. He was constantly adamant on demanding the girl's arrest. The family was treating the girl as the only one responsible for his death. The police persuaded the family to persuade them to take the last rites of the son.

Girlfriend told to be responsible for death

The victim's family alleges that her son was having a love affair with a girl living in the neighborhood. Due to the instigation of the girl, she has taken a step like suicide. According to the station in-charge Sudhir Kumar Singh, a case has been registered on the basis of the complaint. Further action will be taken after investigation.

The boy had a conversation with his girlfriend on WhatsApp at night. She shared a screenshot of the chat in her Facebook post and blamed the girl for her own death.

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