In Amritsar, e-rickshaw registration opens

The government has started the process of assigning identifying numbers to e-rickshaws for the first time since they were introduced.

After paying the required tax, the e-rickshaws will be entitled to get their registration number, according to representatives of the Regional Transport Authority (RTA).

Identification numbers are being issued by police at the recently designated Traffic Police Lines, and the authorities there have hired experts to affix number plates at a cost of Rs 60 per car. The e-rickshaw operators’ copies of their Aadhaar cards and cellphone phones are also being gathered by the traffic police.

E-rickshaws are parked in a line that is half a kilometer long at all times of the day to prevent traffic jams on the road. Long lines are seen all the way up to the Hukam Singh Road overpass.

Due to the increase of e-rickshaws on the road, city dwellers have long demanded that they be equipped with some kind of identification. They anticipate that if there is any rule breaking, it will be difficult for the law enforcement authorities to take legal action against them. Due to e-rickshaw drivers’ carelessness, there were many incidents involving people on the road while tourists were being defrauded.

According to Regional Transport Officer Arashdeep Singh Lobana, the action would provide traffic police a way to control e-rickshaws that break the law. Registration would be granted to those who pay the price.