In an agreement with the TDP and JSP, the BJP would run for six MP and ten MLA seats in Andhra Pradesh

The number of seats that the TDP, JSP, and BJP would each run for in the next Assembly and general elections was decided upon during an eight-hour meeting on Monday.

The TDP would run for 144 Assembly and 17 Lok Sabha seats, the BJP for 10 Assembly and six MP seats, and the JSP for two Parliament and 21 Assembly seats, according to a joint statement published by the three parties. The individual parties will later reveal the candidates’ names.

The JSP intended to run for three Lok Sabha seats and 24 Assembly seats, according to the initial list of candidates that the TDP and JSP provided.

JSP forfeits three seats.

Earlier, the BJP was expected to run in six divisions while the JSP was scheduled to contest 24 Assembly seats. But with the JSP giving up three seats and the TDP giving up one, the BJP managed to increase its number of seats to ten.

“A major component of seat sharing is the state’s interests.”

The BJP fielded candidates for 12 Assembly seats and 4 MP seats in 2014. Negotiations between Union Jal Shakti Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat and BJP national vice-president Baijayant Panda and TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu took place at the latter’s home.

Nadendla Manohar, the head of the Political Affairs Committee, and JSP president Pawan Kalyan were also in attendance. Notably absent from the discussions was Daggubati Purandeswari, the leader of the BJP in the state.

The gathering aimed to create a strong coalition of seats for each alliance partner that accurately reflects the people of Andhra Pradesh and their goals, according to the joint statement. All sides agreed that the State’s interests and future should be the top priority and the main focus of the seat sharing conversation. We anticipate that this will set the stage for a prosperous and forward-thinking future. We have faith that the public would give the NDA partners the chance to provide them with the greatest service possible.

A top party representative said that the BJP’s standing in the State has now altered, adding, “The saffron party’s vote share has also surged over the last 10 years.” There are also more contenders. We had originally asked for thirteen chairs. Giving up more seats than we want would give the cadre the incorrect impression. We therefore exert pressure on the allies to give up a minimum of four seats.


He continued by saying that JSP offered to give up its seats in order to preserve the coalition.

According to information obtained, the BJP is eager to run for a few seats where the YSRC is anticipated to nominate Muslim candidates. These include one seat in the Guntur district as well as Madanapalle and Kadiri in the Rayalaseema area. According to sources, the BJP also intended to run for the YSR district’s Jammalamadugu seat, where C Adinarayana Reddy is a potent figurehead.

In addition to sharing seats, the leaders also discussed drafting a common platform.

JSP adds one more applicant.

Kandula Durgesh was declared by the JSP on Monday as their candidate to run for the Nidadavolu Assembly seat. Although Durgesh had intended to run for the Rajahmundry Urban seat, he would now be running from Nidadavolu.

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