In Dantewada, 14 cars and machinery used for construction are set on fire by Naxalites

In the Dantewada area of Chhattisgarh, at least fourteen cars and construction-related machinery were set on fire by suspected Naxalites on Monday, according to in dantewada 14 cars and machinery used for construction are set on fire by

According to a senior police officer, the event happened in Bangali camp, which is under the jurisdiction of Bhansi police station, at approximately 1:30 in the morning. No injuries were recorded.

Eyewitnesses said that between forty and fifty unidentified individuals, some of whom were armed and dressed as citizens, arrived at the scene and set fire to fourteen parked cars and machinery, including trucks and earthmoving equipment.

According to him, a water tanker was working on railroad construction while thirteen cars and equipment from a private construction company were building roads between Dantewada and Bacheli.

He stated that a police squad headed by the house officer of Bhansi station promptly arrived at the location after being notified.

“A search operation is being conducted in the area to identify the culprits, as it appears that the Naxalites are the ones responsible,” the official said.

In the Bastar division, which includes of seven districts in Dantewada, the Naxalites have often attempted to obstruct road building projects by attacking security troops and causing damage to the roads, cars, and equipment needed for the job.


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