In Delhi, a police training center experiences a fire

May 30, New Delhi An officer from the fire department said that there have been no reports of casualties after the Thursday afternoon fire at the malkhana of the Wazirabad Police Training Centre.

A police station’s “malkhana” is where items that have been taken by the authorities are stored until they are needed to appear in court.

Chief of the Delhi Fire Service (DFS), Atul Garg, provided the following information: on Thursday at 2:38 p.m., a call was received indicating a fire at the malkhana of the Police Training Centre at Wazirabad in north Delhi.

Ten fire fighters in all have been sent to the scene, and efforts are underway to put out the flames. No injuries have been recorded as of yet, according to Garg.

According to a top DFS officer, the fire’s origin is yet unknown.

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