In Delhi, New Covid Cases Exceed 200 for the First Time Since September

In Delhi, New Covid Cases Exceed 200 for the First Time Since September

India's COVID- Tuesday saw 19 cases surpass 200 for the first time since September of last year, and the positive rate increased to 11.82%, according to information provided by the local health department.

On Tuesday, 214 new instances of the viral illness were reported in the nation's capital. On Monday, Delhi reported 115 new coronavirus cases with a positive rate of 7.45%.

On Sunday, the city recorded 153 instances with a positive rate of 9.13%, and on Saturday, 139 cases with a positivity rate of 4.98%. On Friday, there were 152 instances with a positive rate of 6.66%, and on Thursday, there were 117 cases with a positivity rate of 4.95%.

A substantial surge in the number of H3N2 influenza cases in the nation has coincided with an increase in the number of new Covid cases in Delhi during the last few days. For the last several months, Delhi has observed a decrease in the number of new cases. On January 16, for the first time since the epidemic began, it fell to zero.

With the new instances, the COVID-19 death toll in Delhi has reached 26,524 while the number of new cases brings the total to 20,09,061. Also, the data revealed that 1,811 Covid tests were performed on Monday. According to the city's COVID-19 hospitals, 46 of the 7,985 beds are filled, and 410 patients are receiving care at home in isolation, according to the health department.

There are already 538 active instances of the virus in the national capital, it continued. Medical professionals believe that the recent uptick in Covid infections in Delhi may be caused by the virus's new XBB.1.16 strain. Nonetheless, they insist that there is no reason to fear and that individuals should act in a Covid-appropriate manner and get vaccination boosters.

Moreover, they claim that the increase in occurrences may be due to more individuals undergoing Covid tests as a preventative measure when they actually have the flu and experience fever and other symptoms.

Saurabh Bharadwaj, the health minister for Delhi, had said that there weren't many influenza cases in the city's hospitals and that everything was being constantly watched. According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the influenza A subtype H3N2 virus is to blame for the increase in influenza cases.

More hospitalisations are being caused by the H3N2 virus than by the other subtypes. A runny nose, a persistent cough, and a fever are the symptoms.