In Madhya Pradesh, PM Modi Welcomes Newly Appointed Teachers

In a video greeting sent on Monday to 5,800 newly hired teachers in the election-bound state of Madhya Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed them and said their contributions to the country’s growth and implementation of education policy will be significant.

The PM claimed to have learned that in the last three years, Madhya Pradesh had hired more than 50,000 young people for the position of teacher. In a video message on Monday, I said, “I would also congratulate the Madhya Pradesh government for recruiting over 50,000 teachers in basic schools.

In the meanwhile, Modi attacked the Congress, accusing it of “looting” the rights of the poor prior to 2014. He said that the ‘wrong’ education practices of the past administrations kept a significant portion of pupils out of the mainstream; this has now been fixed under his government’s new education strategy.

The CM Rise Government Mahatma Gandhi Higher Secondary School in Bhopal hosted a training-cum-orientation session (virtually) for newly hired teachers. Modi said the people of the nation must forget the years before to 2014, when there were several scandals and corruption. “Poor people’s rights were stolen before 2014,” However, they are now getting their money immediately deposited into their bank accounts,” he stated.

Further, PM Modi said, “The residents of the nation are coming out to pay taxes, citing a report on income tax returns submitted this year. The average salary has increased over the previous nine years, according to a study on I-T forms submitted this year. The people are aware that their taxes support national growth.

He further said that, according to an NITI Aayog study, 13.50 crore individuals have left the BPL (below poverty line) category in the last five years. “The number of Income Tax returns shows that the average income of Indians has increased during the past nine years to Rs 13 lakh from Rs 4 lakh in 2014,” the speaker said.

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