In order to evade home detention, YS Sharmila spends the night at the Congress headquarters in Vijayawada

at an effort to evade house arrest, Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) president YS Sharmila spent the night at her Vijayawada party headquarters on Wednesday.

Sharmila’s action was taken the day before the Congress cadre led by her, the “Chalo Secretariat,” planned a rally on Thursday in favor of the state’s young unemployment rate.

The protest march was scheduled for Wednesday morning, but the police refused to let it and began placing members of Congress under house arrest. This was declared by the state Congress chairman.

Speaking to the media at Andhra Ratna Bhavan in Vijayawada, YS Sharmila said that in the previous five years, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy had completely failed to address significant concerns pertaining to young, the jobless, and students, according to ANI.

“Will you try to keep us under house arrest if we call for protest on behalf of the unemployed?” the woman said on her X account. In a democracy, don’t we have the right to protest? Is it not deplorable that, in order to escape being placed under home arrest, I had to flee the police as a lady and spend the night at the Congress Party office?

“Are we terrorists… or anti-social forces?” she questioned, taking another swipe at the state administration. They’re attempting to stop us. It indicates that the government is terrified of us. They are attempting to conceal the truth—that they are incompetent. Our fight on behalf of the jobless will not end, no matter how hard they attempt to stop us or our people.

The newly elected state president of Andhra Congress said, “Thousands of policemen were placed around us,” in another tweet on Thursday. We are being kept captive and iron fences have been erected. They are going to arrest us if we support the jobless. You are attempting to thwart us as rulers. Your behavior is evidence of this. The jobless should get an apology from YCP Sarkar.

Manickam Tagore, a member of the Lok Sabha and the congressman in charge of Andhra Pradesh, also criticized the state administration for what it called an oppressive policy.

Following the Congress’ demand to march to the Secretariat, a significant police presence has been seen at the Andhra Pradesh Congress committee headquarters in Vijayawada, according to ANI. The police are there to maintain peace and order.

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