In Pakistan, Anju marries a Facebook friend, and her father claims that she is “dead for us”

Anju, the Indian lady who traveled to Pakistan to meet her Facebook acquaintance, has reportedly converted to Islam and married him. Anju’s father told the media that she is no longer living for them since she left her family behind in this country and that he is unaware of her religious anju father 01 1690313905

Anju’s father, Gaya Prasad Thomas, told reporters in Bouna village in the Gwalior area of Madhya Pradesh that by abandoning her two children here and getting married in Pakistan, Anju wrecked their future. According to reports, he stated, “The way she fled, leaving her husband and two children behind, she did not even think about her children. She ought to have divorced her spouse first if she had chosen to do this. For us, she is no longer living.

When Thomas was questioned whether he was aware of Anju’s reported conversion to Islam and adoption of the name Fatima, he said that he did not.

Her father also spoke to the media about Anju’s family in India, asking, “What will happen to her children, her husband? Who will look after her children, a boy and a girl, ages five and thirteen? She has jeopardized the husband’s and children’s futures. Who will look after her children?We’ll have to carry it out.

When questioned about pleading with the Indian authorities to bring her back, Thomas said, “I pray…to let her die there,” alluding to Pakistan.

Before she left for Pakistan, Anju reportedly had a strained relationship with her father and only talked to her mother. Thomas said that he was unaware of how she obtained her passport and visa to go to Pakistan.

If there was more to this tale involving border security, it was said that Thomas’s hamlet was near to Tekanpur town, where a significant Border Security Force was stationed. Thomas vehemently denied his daughter’s involvement when questioned about it. He continued to tell the journalists, “No one brought up such a matter with us. Only you (the media) are asking this. My children are not inclined toward crime. I am prepared for any investigation into the incident.

When questioned by the media about his daughter’s desire to go to Pakistan earlier in the day, Thomas labeled her as “mentally disturbed and eccentric.”

In the Upper Dir neighborhood of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the 34-year-old Indian lady was staying at the home of her 29-year-old Pakistani acquaintance Nasrullah.

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