In Rohtak, BSP will challenge the Congress candidate

Today, the BSP’s state leadership declared their opposition to Rohtak Congress candidate Deepender Hooda.

During a press conference held here today, BSP state president Rajbir Sorkhi accused Deepender of being the reason for BSP candidate Rajesh’s withdrawal of his nomination papers from Rohtak.

Following his withdrawal of the candidacy on May 9, Rajesh declared his intention to support the Congress in the elections. As of the now, the BSP is running no candidate from Rohtak.

Without notifying the party leadership, Rajesh withdrew his candidacy. The Congress candidate is the one behind the horse-trading that has taken place in this case. By educating the BC and SC populations, we shall endeavor to guarantee the Congress’ loss in Rohtak,” said Sorkhi.

Sorkhi said that a few days after Rajesh withdrew his candidacy and pledged his support to the Congress, he was kicked out of the party.

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