In seven further instances, the Raikot Sadar police have started the process of attaching property

In an attempt to tackle the drug problem in the area, the Ludhiana (Rural) police have started the process of attaching the accused’s movable and immovable possessions in seven further instances that have been reported to the Raikot Sadar police station. These homes were purportedly bought by the defendants using money obtained from drugs.

Under Section 68F of the NDPS Act, if the relevant authority in New Delhi grants approval for these attachments valued at Rs 55 lakh, the total seizure value will come to Rs 236.50 lakh.

Raikot Sadar SHO Amrit Pal Singh’s staff, under the direction of Raikot DSP Rachhpal Singh Dhindsa, reported that the appropriate authorities in New Delhi had attached a pickup truck that belonged to Jagwinder Singh of Gujjarwal.

“A pickup worth Rs 9.50 was attached and seized, while we have already seized properties belonging to ten drug peddlers, worth Rs 172 lakh,” Dhindsa said. He further mentioned that the process of attaching properties worth Rs 55 lakh, belonging to the accused arrested in seven other instances, had already begun.

In addition to residential and business spaces, the linked assets include agricultural land and medium- and large-sized automobiles. According to police sources, a number of investigations have shown that the accused used the premises for drug trafficking.

Drug selling has been shown throughout time to be a doorway to a variety of crimes; thus, Ludhiana (Rural) SSP Navneet Singh Bains has instructed all circle officers to step up efforts to stop it.

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