In Tamil Nadu, a fight between traffic officers and a “drunk” motorist was captured on video

Recently, a fight between traffic police officials and an inebriated auto rickshaw driver in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, was captured on video.

On Balasundaram Road, a group of traffic police officials was checking vehicles when the event happened. When they pulled over an auto-rickshaw driver to go over his paperwork, they found that he was intoxicated.

The auto-rickshaw driver, however, started to protest, saying that one of the traffic police officials had treated him rudely. A superior officer gave the driver the order to get inside the police vehicle in the meanwhile.

When the driver of the autorickshaw reportedly kicked one of the officers, causing the driver to respond, the fight became more heated. After he was carried to the police van, it is said that another officer hit the autorickshaw driver after seeing this.

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