In Tarabh, Gujarat, Prime Minister Modi draws attention to the first “Kaal Khand” in India’s history of progress

In Gujarat’s Tarabh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated, opened, and laid the cornerstones for many development projects valued at over Rs 8,350 crore on Thursday.

“Today, every effort being made in the new India is creating a legacy for the future generations,” Modi said during his speech at the inaugural ceremony. The only routes being constructed now are the new, contemporary highways and railroad lines seen in developed India.

He said that because “Dev Kaaj,” or the work of the gods, and “Desh Kaaj,” or the works of the country, are being completed at a rate quicker than ever before, this is an unparalleled “Kaal Khand” in India’s growth history.

This is a unique and magnificent ‘Kaal Khand’ in the Bharat Vikas Yatra. The speed of “Dev Kaaj” and “Desh Kaaj” has been quicker than ever at this time, the PM said.

The prime minister also spoke about his recent experiences inaugurating other temples, including the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, and delivered prayers at a recently dedicated temple in Tarabh.

“On January 22, exactly one month ago today, I was in Ayodhya, at the feet of Lord Ram. I had the honor of taking part in the momentous occasion of the idol of Lord Ramlala’s dedication there. After that, I had the chance to open the first Hindu temple in the Khadi nations in Abu Dhabi on February 14th, which is known as Vasant Panchami. I also had the privilege of laying the foundation stone for Kalki Dham in Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh, only two or three days ago. I have the honor of worshiping the Pran Pratistha in this magnificent, heavenly temple here in Tarabh today,” Modi said.

Additionally, the Prime Minister is expected to go to Navsari, where he will begin work on many development projects estimated to be worth Rs 24,700 crore. He’s going to the Kakrapar Atomic Power Station at around 6.15 p.m.

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