In Telangana, a truck and an autorickshaw crash, leaving five people dead

In Telangana’s Warangal district on Wednesday, a truck and an auto-rickshaw collided, killing five people.

The disaster happened in the Wardhannapet mandal close to the town of Yellanda.


Two more passengers in the autorickshaw suffered serious injuries, and five people who were riding in it died.


Police report that five people died, four of them immediately and one in the hospital.


Locals called the police, who arrived quickly and transported the wounded to the closest hospital.


Both wounded people are said to be in serious condition.


When it struck a vehicle traveling in the other way, the autorickshaw was traveling from Warangal to Thorrur.


Police believe the collision was caused by the truck driver’s alcohol intoxication. The Rajasthani-born driver has been detained by police. The victims sold honey while they were alive and hurt.


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