In the midst of Kamal Nath’s reported BJP conversion, the Congress responds to Nakul Nath’s candidacy for Chindwara

Nakul Nath, the son of former Madhya Pradesh chief minister Kamal Nath, has received the support of the Congress for his candidacy from Chindwara. While in Madhya Pradesh amid speculation that Kamal Nath may join the BJP, Congress national secretary Jitendra Singh said, “He is a strong candidate from there (Chhindwara) and will definitely contest the elections.”

Additionally, he denied the BJP-Kamal Nath rumors, claiming that they were propagated by the saffron party.

Nothing compares to this. The BJP has been propagating these rumors (that Kamal Nath is quitting the Congress) all along. He’s our senior leader, and he’s coming to the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra meeting today,” he said.

Nakul Nath allegedly deleted the Congress off his “X” profile last week, and there was a lot of talk that Kamal Nath would join the BJP. Additionally, he said that he will run for Lok Sabha from Chindwara, although the Congress leadership did not formally acknowledge this.

The father-son team is reportedly upset with the party hierarchy after Kamal Nath was held accountable for the poor showing in the previous year’s Assembly elections. Jitu Patwari succeeded him as the head of the state Congress as well.

Digvijay Singh, a senior Congress politician, said earlier today that Kamal Nath would stay in the Congress.

“Kamal Nath is an active member of the Indian National Congress and always will be. Singh wrote on ‘X’ that Modigodimedia has to quit disseminating false information.

Kamal Nath, meantime, has downplayed the reports that he is leaving the Congress party, stating that he would notify the media if such a development occurs.

“Why are all of you becoming giddy? Not that it’s about denying. When anything similar arises, I will let you all know,” Kamal Nath told the media on Saturday.

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