Increased prices and unemployment ought to be election-related concerns, not “insignificant.” Azad in Pakistan

May 18: Srinagar Ghulam Nabi Azad, a former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir, said on Saturday that the concerns of inflation and unemployment, rather than Pakistan’s “insignificant” status, should be the main focus of the current Lok Sabha elections.

“There is a growing movement to include Pakistan in national and municipal elections. In the last 75 years, Pakistan has been at its weakest point. Pakistan is a trivial problem that is being elevated to a major one. Larger problems for India include rising prices and unemployment, according to Azad.

The former chief minister conveyed his displeasure at Pakistan being brought up during the election campaign.

“Internal issues like unemployment and inflation must take precedence over external diversion,” Azad said.

He said that this year’s Lok Sabha elections are entirely different from those held in the past.

“There’s a lot of backstabbing going on. Politics is not served well by political parties vying for favor, according to Azad.

He said that “excessive point-scoring” undermines the fundamentals of a healthy political debate when political parties compete for dominance.

He emphasized the need for positive interaction and the fact that political opponents are rivals rather than foes in the democratic sphere.

In addition, he criticized the local political parties for revoking Article 370.

What actions did the local parties take after the removal of Article 370? When Article 370 was repealed, not a single MP from Kashmir spoke out. Those who describe me as pro-BJP were formerly members of the party. The previous chief minister said that the charges were meaningless.

He said that even though J&K has beautiful scenery and pleasant weather, these advantages must be used for economic growth.

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