INDIA VOTES 2024: An interstate checkpoint seized Rs 3.33L

The Sirmaur Police seized Rs 3.33 lakh in a pre-election operation while conducting a regular examination at a checkpoint on the interstate border between Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.

The Meenus checkpost, which is under the control of Ronhat Police Post, was the site of the seizure and is an important area of concern as the Lok Sabha elections get near.

Official sources said that during the search, cash was found in a bag and an automobile from Uttarakhand was stopped for examination. When questioned, the people inside the car were unable to provide any paperwork to support their ownership of so much money.

The passengers, who claimed to be garlic sellers, were identified as Kupvi tehsil residents Ranjeet (33) and driver Ramlal (35). They said the money was meant to be used to pay farmers in advance for their harvest. The money was seized notwithstanding their explanation since the necessary paperwork was not submitted.

The money that was seized has been placed in the Shillai government treasury. In view of the impending elections, the authorities are launching further inquiries to confirm the individuals’ statements and guarantee that the funds were not meant for any illegal activity.

To prevent the passage of unaccounted cash and other objects that might influence the election process, police and Election Commission officials have enhanced surveillance and vehicle inspections at several interstate crossings as part of the heightened security measures.

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