Indian Army will get tethered drones, jetpack outfits, and robotic mules

Indian Army will get tethered drones, jetpack outfits, and robotic mules

The Army already has robotic mules, jetpack suits, and tethered drones that will scan the Himalayas. The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is now seeking technical and financial proposals to supplement such systems.

The second stage of the bidding procedure, the request for proposals (RFP), has been issued by the Army in order to procure 100 robotic mules. For commercial and technical bids, an RFP is published. The Army is considering four-legged robotic mules that can travel autonomously across a variety of terrain, recover on their own, and avoid obstacles.

The robotic mule must be 1 meter long, 60 kg or less in weight, and capable of moving 10 kg of weight at heights more than 10,000 feet.

Many Army advance stations now deliver supplies and food using mules.

Over three hours of autonomous operation on pre-planned routes should be possible for the robotic mule.

Jetpack suits are the other cutting-edge gear the Army is looking for. These have engines that power them. Soldiers may fly over a variety of terrain while using the jetpack, which can be worn as a backpack.

The Army is considering 44 of these jetpacks and will probably employ them in special operations. The jetpack cannot weigh more than 40 kg. Its top speed when hauling an 80-kg human must be at least 50 kph.

A tethered drone is the third thing being sought. A cable that will be used to download data and transmit orders is utilized to link such drones to the ground.

The Army is looking for a drone that weighs 15 kg in total. The drone will be tethered around 60 meters above the ground and will run for six hours. A person and a vehicle should both be detectable from 2 km away.