INDIAN VOTES 2024: Congress has a chance to secure “family” seats because to the desire for badlav

An undercurrent brought on by expectations not being realized by the BJP may be tipping the scales in favor of the INDIA coalition on election day in the twin VIP seats of Amethi and Raebareli in Uttar Pradesh.

Party workers at the Congress headquarters in Raebareli are occupied and talking about booth management. However, this may be because they want Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka to take notice of them. However, as soon as party candidate KL Sharma, who has replaced Rahul Gandhi, departs in a tiny two-vehicle convoy, the party’s main headquarters in the adjacent Amethi seat is left with only a few staffers and a handful of cars.

The few political activists on the ground, like the young Amethi-born Jai Pratap Yadav of the Samajwadi Party, often say, “Janata chunav lad rahi hai” (the people are fighting the elections).

Here, there were strong hopes that Rahul and Priyanka would run for both seats. Though those hopes have been shattered, Sharma is still very much in the running. It’s possible that by characterizing the race as one between a “family servant” and a Central Minister, supporters of Smriti Irani in Amethi unintentionally helped Sharma’s prospects. The BJP clearly outperforms the Congress in terms of visual presence, and the Congress is ill-organized in this area.

However, Yadav views Sharma as “fortunate” to have received the ticket, and discussions along the Lucknow route reflect this.

“Mijaz alag awadh ka hai. It’s zameen toh tameez aur sajhi virasat ki. (Awadh’s temperament is distinct.) This is the country of common cultural variety. All of this is ineffective here),” remarks veteran Congressman Vishwanath Chaturvedi.

“Madam, a defeat is imminent.” Here, the panja is in control, according to Sukanto Bengali, a voter registered in Kolkata’s Diamond Harbour seat who operates a little food store in the Jagdishpur constituency and views himself as an impartial observer since he is not a native of the area.

According to Chaturvedi, the likelihood of Congress unseating Irani in Amethi depends on the desire for “badlav” to reverse her 55,000 vote margin triumph in 2019. However, the BSP’s affiliation with the party cost them an estimated one lakh votes in 2019, which the party would also need to make up for.

The Congress campaign in Raebareli is more organized, and until a few days ago, Rahul Gandhi was seen to be the front-runner. Raja Ram Pal remarks, “Ab kaante ki takkar hai,” as he waits for his bus to return to his hometown.

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