India’s economy has suffered due to ill-defined boundaries, according to Ajit Doval

Ajit Doval, India’s National Security Advisor (NSA), said on Friday that the nation has suffered because of the absence of clear boundaries in the north and west. He emphasized that these borders are a burden to the country and have important ramifications for internal security, including terrorism, extremism, and drug trafficking.

Doval pointed out that the border issues have also had a detrimental effect on India’s economic development. He did, however, emphasize that the nation’s might has been greatly increased over the previous 10 years by the policy measures carried out by the present administration.

“In the near future, I don’t think our borders are going to be as secure as required for our rapid economic growth,” Doval said, during the Rustamji Memorial Lecture at the Border Security Force’s (BSF) 21st investiture event. As a result, border-guarding personnel now bear a great deal of duty. To guarantee that our nation’s interests are safeguarded, they must always be on guard.

Additionally, the NSA recommended that paramilitary groups think about establishing “joint command structures” in several theaters of action, akin to the armed forces, and “seamless interoperability.” He replied, “Since you already operate in areas where multiple paramilitary personnel are deployed, I am giving you this idea to consider.”

Doval emphasized the significance of boundaries, saying that they serve to define a country’s sovereignty. “The land that we currently possess is ours; the remaining land is irrelevant and a matter for the courts,” he said.

He emphasized that throughout the last ten years, during which India’s overall national might has increased significantly, the present administration has put a strong priority on border security. Doval predicted that India’s economy will grow to be the third biggest in the world, valued at US$10 trillion, over the next ten years. Doval emphasized that India would have one of the biggest labor pools and develop into a center for advanced technology industries, including semiconductors, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and many other military and security industrial sectors. He pointed out that as a result of the government’s Atmanirbhar Bharat and self-reliance policies, India—which had previously been an importer of weapons—has turned into a major exporter, having sent US$2.5 billion worth of weapons until March 31.

“India’s high comprehensive national strength is a result of your economy, geographic breadth, geostrategic posture, defense forces, and accomplishments,” the NSA said.

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