India’s Health Ministry is closely monitoring the respiratory illness outbreak in the country, which is low risk but ready for any kind of emergency

The Union health ministry said on Friday that it is carefully watching the H9N2 pandemic and clusters of respiratory illnesses in youngsters in China, amid mounting worries about a “mysterious” pneumonia outbreak in that nation. According to the government, India is equipped to handle any emergency that may arise from China’s present influenza scenario.

There has been a World Health Organization (WHO) announcement on a clustering of respiratory sickness cases in youngsters in northern China, according to some media sources. The Chinese avian influenza case and the respiratory sickness clusters, however, pose little threat to India, according to the Indian Health Ministry.

The World Health Organization observed that on November 13, officials from China’s National Health Commission announced a rise in respiratory illnesses, citing the removal of COVID-19 lockdown measures as the cause. When pandemic limitations were lifted, respiratory illnesses like respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, also increased in other nations. Now, the nation has been requested in public by the international health organization to provide additional details about the illnesses.

Internal reports from China claim that the epidemics have overrun many hospitals in Beijing and other northern regions, with some receiving up to 7,000 patients a day on average. Children with less severe symptoms should be sent to clinics and other institutions, according to requests made by health officials.

A conference under the auspices of the Directorate General of Health Services in India was convened to deliberate on the steps aimed at safeguarding the nation from human instances of avian influenza. “Among the human cases of H9N2 documented to the WHO so far, there is a low case fatality rate and a low possibility of human to human dissemination, according to the WHO’s overall risk assessment. It was acknowledged that better coordination and more monitoring were required among the sectors dealing with people, animals, and nature. India is equipped to handle any emergency pertaining to public health,” the ministry said.

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