'India's rise is not a threat to anyone, we are not afraid of anyone'

'India's rise is not a threat to anyone, we are not afraid of anyone'

National Desk: Defense Secretary Ajay Kumar said on Thursday that no one is threatened by the rise of India and the country is not afraid of anyone. He said that for the national interest it is necessary that there is stability in the neighborhood of the country. Kumar said, "It is important for our maritime and national interest to maintain stability in our immediate neighborhood and establish a rule-based system not only in the Indian Ocean but in the Indo-Pacific region." Manohar Parrikar In a webinar organized from India, he said, "India's rise is not a threat to anyone, nor are we afraid of anyone."

Ajay Kumar said that India's defense relations are based on the principle of a free, open and rule-based system to ensure economic growth, thereby fulfilling the aspirations of 130 crore people of India and two hundred crore people of the region. He said, “In recent years, we have collaborated with like-minded nations and signed some important agreements that will promote cohesion and operations. The recently concluded Malabar (military) exercise is an example of our international cooperation. "

The Defense Secretary said that the expenditure on human resources in the Indian Armed Forces is increasing very fast and it is necessary to control it. Kumar said, "We are looking at different ways to do this so that we can work at a lower cost, are looking for ways to reduce costs and use technology." He said that while the budget of other ministries was cut in the era of Kovid-19 epidemic, the budget of the Ministry of Defense was not allowed to be affected. 

Due to interlocking at Muzaffarpur Junction, currently Mithila Express will run from Barauni, see-divert route of other trains

Due to interlocking at Muzaffarpur Junction, currently Mithila Express will run from Barauni, see-divert route of other trains

Due to route relay interlocking at Muzaffarpur Junction, 36 trains of Bihar have been canceled, while the routes of many trains have also been diverted (Divert Roots). There has also been a change in the stations of the trains. The Mithila Express from Raxaul to Howrah will open from Barauni Junction (Mithila Express Run from Barauni Junction) from 9 March due to changing the route. At the same time, from March 8, instead of Raxaul, Mithila Express going to Howrah will be emptied by going to Barauni Junction.

With the cancellation of several trains running on the Barauni-Muzaffarpur route, a decision has been taken to stop many trains and stop them on the way. Due to the work of interlocking, the work of Pre-NR and NR is to be done by 19 March. For this reason, about 36 trains have been canceled for the time being, while the route of 19 trains has been diverted. At the same time, a decision has been taken to vacate four special trains at different stations as expected.

Many trains canceled due to interlocking

At the same time, the express train running from Barauni Kolkata to Muzaffarpur and Down Express train from Muzaffarpur to Howrah has been canceled from March 9 to March 16. Express from Muzaffarpur to Kolkata and Express train from Howrah to Muzaffarpur will be canceled from March 10 to March 17. On the other hand, Anand Vihar Terminus-Raxaul Special Train on 12 and 14 March, Anand Vihar Terminus-Raxaul Special Train on 16 and 18 March and Anand Vihar Terminus-Raxaul Special Train will be canceled on 17 March due to dabbling in Varanasi Division.

According to the decision of the Railway, the route of 04185 Barauni Mail coming from Gwalior to Barauni has been routed from March 8 to March 18. At the same time, the route divert of 04186 Barauni Mail starting from Barauni to Gwalior will remain diverted from March 9 to March 19. Route of 05027 Up Maurya Express from Hatia to Gorakhpur from 14 March to 18 March and 05028 Down Maurya Express from Gorakhpur to Hatia from 15 March to 19 March, 02564 Down Special Route from Saharsa to New Delhi The divert will be held from March 15 to March 18.

Routed divert of many trains

The 02522 down special train from Ernakulam to Barauni will run via Barauni-Shahpur Patori-Hajipur on March 14. On the other hand, 09038 special train from Barauni to Bandra Terminal on 15 March, 17 March and 19 March and 09037 Special Train from Bandra Terminal to Barauni on 16 March and 17 March via Barauni-Shahpur Patori-Hajipur- Chapra-Siwan- Thaway- Kaptanganj - will go through Gorakhpur.

09484 Special going from Barauni to Ahmedabad from March 10 to March 19 and 09483 Special from Ahmedabad to Barauni, from March 8 to March 18, will run via Dinkar Village Simaria- Mokama- Patna- Danapur.

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