Internet, even in the Mahabharata period, the advice to the youth to open a paan shop, those 5 statements of Biplab Dev which caused the party's trouble many times

Internet, even in the Mahabharata period, the advice to the youth to open a paan shop, those 5 statements of Biplab Dev which caused the party's trouble many times

A state election is due in the early year of 2023. But just a year before that, a big resignation was made by the Chief Minister of the BJP ruled state. Today we will talk about the person who is most discussed. It was not an easy task to overthrow Manik Sarkar from Tripura. But BJP did this in the year 2018. PM Modi is a big jeweler of politics. Prime Minister Modi had given an astrological advice to the people of Tripura. Now you don't need rubies, get rid of rubies. Now you need diamonds. People accepted that advice of the Prime Minister and threw the ruby ​​off. The Left, which had been in power for 25 years, got lost in that election. But after four years in office and late in the evening Amit Shah met Biplab Dev resigned.

While being his Chief Minister, Biplab Dev remained in the headlines due to more controversial statements than his work. The party also suffered a lot due to his statements. In such a situation, let us introduce you to those statements of Biplab Dev, which become the reason for controversy.

Internet and satellite even in Mahabharata period

Former Tripura CM Biplab Dev, while addressing a program in Agartala on April 18, 2018, said that technical facilities were available even in the Mahabharata period and at that time also there was a system of internet and satellite. Along with this, he had said that Dhritarashtra sitting in Hastinapur was informed by Sanjay about the developments in the battlefield. How can one see from such a distance. It also meant internet and satellite at that time. 

Diana Hayden not Indian beauty

 Biplab Deb also gave a controversial statement about Miss World Diana Hayden. He said on April 27 that Diana Hayden is not an Indian beauty. Diana Hayden's victory was fixed. He said that Diana Hayden does not represent the beauty of Indian women. Aishwarya Rai does. After Biplab Deb's statement was criticized, he also expressed regret over it.  

Advice to youth to open paan shop

Biplab Dev had advised the youth to open a paan shop instead of jobs. On 29 April, he had said that the youth are behind political parties for government jobs for many years. They waste the important time of their life by running here and there for a government job. If the same youth had set up a paan shop instead of running after political parties to find a government job, Rs 5 lakh would have been deposited in his bank account by now. Along with this, Biplab did not stop here, he had said that it is better to take loan from the bank under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana and create self employment by starting various projects in animal processing sector than running for government job.  

Civil Engineers, not Mechanical, give Civil Services Exam 

Biplab Dev had said that students with mechanical engineering background should not be selected in the civil services. Civil engineers have this knowledge to build society, so only they should get a chance because those who are in administration have to build society.  

BJP plans to form government in Sri Lanka and Nepal

In a program in Agartala, Biplab Dev claimed that Home Minister Amit Shah, while being the national president, had said in a meeting that the BJP wants to establish its power by expanding in Nepal and Sri Lanka as well. Referring to the conversation in the year 2018, Biplab Dev said that in the conversation of the party, Ajay Jamwal said that the President, the state has become good for us. So he said that where has it become good, now Sri Lanka is left, Nepal is left.

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Gehlot targeted the Modi government, said- today the country is on fire, riots are happening everywhere

Gehlot targeted the Modi government, said- today the country is on fire, riots are happening everywhere

Today is the death anniversary of former Prime Minister of the country Rajiv Gandhi and Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot remembered him and said that today the works of Rajiv Gandhi are being forgotten. We still remember the achievements of Rajiv Gandhi. There are riots in the country. Talking to reporters in Jaipur, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said that today we have reached here after traveling 70 years. Many people including Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi were martyred but did not allow Khalistan to be formed. kept the country intact. This country has achieved such a great achievement by making sacrifices.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said that they (BJP) do not realize this. There is a fire in the country today, riots are taking place everywhere. We demand from the PM that you just appeal for peace, condemn the anti-social elements. What's wrong with them? The whole country has understood his plans and tricks. CM Gehlot said that the Modi government is trying to forget the legacy. Everyone needs to be taken along.

CM Gehlot paid tribute to former PM Rajiv Gandhi on his martyrdom day at the state Congress headquarters today. All religion prayer meeting was organized in PCC. CM Gehlot said that the whole country has understood the tricks of BJP. People are excited in the name of religion. We have always worked to put out fires. 

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