Interview | Karnataka government will collapse on its own; no need for Operation Lotus: Radha Mohan Das Agarwal of the BJP

With the Karnataka Congress’s comeback after the 2019 loss, the BJP faces formidable obstacles in the next Lok Sabha elections next month. The BJP’s national general secretary, Radha Mohan Das Agarwal, who is in charge of the Karnataka elections, acknowledges that these polls will be crucial and speculates that the Congress government may fall when the results are announced. Selections
Given that the NDA now controls 27 LS seats in Karnataka, is there room for expansion?

■ We are not yet at our best.

Bangalore Rural was not won by us in 2019, but we are sure that this time around we will win it along with every other seat. Not only will Congress get a dismal zero in these surveys, but its government will also fall apart.
How are you going to address the unhappiness of a few seniors over the ticket distribution?
Leaders such as KS Eshwarappa are voicing dissatisfaction, and we recognise and comprehend this. Eshwarappa has shown himself to be a devoted member of the party, and we hope he won’t pursue ambitions to run as an independent. The objective of replacing sitting members of Parliament with new faces is to break through party stagnation. Pratap Simmha, the Mysore-Kodagu MP, was convinced. I’ll start having conversations like this with other people.
What are the main concerns that these elections are about?
■ The conflict centres on the differing promises made by the Congress and the Modi government. Farmers’ worries have been disregarded by Congress’s assurances, but the Modi government has addressed them with programmes like the Phasal Bima Yojana and the Kisan Samman Yojana.
According to sources, the BJP plans to use Operation Lotus as a means of overthrowing the government.
No, it’s not required; the government will fall apart on its own. The candidates chosen by Congress demonstrate their difficulty in finding credible contenders. They forced ministers to enter their children in the race when they declined to run. MLAs who back these novice candidates will rebel, as will the ministries.
What justification does the Centre provide for refusing drought assistance?
■ The Union government has not denied aid for the drought. It just requests that the state government make payments to the State Disaster Response Fund. Furthermore, the Union government has made it clear that it will not provide money for politically motivated giveaways.
However, the BJP-JD(S) partnership is also susceptible to dynasty politics.
■ I wouldn’t say anything about JD (S). Our applicants are chosen on the basis of their demonstrated diligence. Congress candidates in areas like Belgaum, Chikkodi, and Bidar, on the other hand, differ in this regard. In the public eye, these candidates are comparatively unknown. For no other reason than being pastors’ offspring, they were selected.

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