It is demeaning for the BJP to suggest that India should have a single leader: Gandhi Rahul

Rahul Gandhi, a senior Congressman, stated on Monday that the concept of “one leader in the country” was being imposed by the BJP-led government at the federal level and that this was a “insult” to the people of the country.

According to the Wayanad MP, India is like a bouquet of flowers, and each one has to be appreciated since it adds to the overall beauty of the arrangement.

“This idea that India should have only one leader is an insult to every single young Indian,” he said.

Gandhi was speaking to party members and voters in this affluent district after a significant campaign road show.

He questioned why India could not produce more leaders and said that the primary difference between the BJP and the Congress is their respective schools of thought.

According to the MP, the Congress aspires to love and respect the nation’s citizens for their views, language, religion, and culture. However, he said that the BJP wants to impose anything from the top.

“The RSS’s philosophy did not win us independence from the British to colonize us. All of India’s citizens should run the country, he said.

Gandhi visited the constituency a second time after the announcement of the Lok Sabha election date, hoping to try his luck in the elections once again from Wayanad. He filed his candidacy papers and staged a huge road show to launch the election campaign in Wayanad early this month.

The 2019 Lok Sabha elections saw Gandhi emerge victorious from Wayanad, with a record margin of 4,31,770 votes.

Kerala’s twenty Lok Sabha seats will go to polls on April 26.

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