Jammu and Kashmir: Army jawan shot dead during firing training

Jammu and Kashmir: Army jawan shot dead during firing training

An army soldier accidentally died during firing training in Akhnoor sector of Jammu and Kashmir. The event is on Tuesday at 10:30 am. 

A defense spokesperson said that Sayan Ghosh of the Artillery Regiment was badly injured by a bullet during training at the field firing range of Akhnoor sector.

Power of Attorney: UP should sack your jailer first! Ansari will be found tomorrow if not today… understand the root of the quarrel

Power of Attorney: UP should sack your jailer first! Ansari will be found tomorrow if not today… understand the root of the quarrel

It is true that UP's white collar and Mau's mafia, Mukhtar Ansari, imprisoned in Ropar (Rupnagar) jail of Punjab, the game of hide and seek between the states of UP and Punjab has been playing for two years now or not tomorrow. It is sure to end. Ghee is not coming out with a straight finger, so the UP police and the state government are now putting the race between Punjab and Delhi-UP to control Mukhtar by resorting to "legal" tactics. Admittedly, the UP police and the UP government are sweating in the sit-ups for this reason. Meaning, the same police, who are accused, are trying to get Bhagirathi to get it. But the result is "zero".

Now let's talk directly about the real root of this spectacle. Find out the root cause of which, for two years, with the help of one Mukhtar Ansari, the UP police and the state government is in a condition like "football" For two years, the UP Police raided the roads from UP to Punjab to subdue their victim, Mukhtar Ansari. In a way, it is not wrong to say that even if it is publicly insulted. The reason was that Mukhtar Ansari, who was lodged in Ropar jail, did not give the UP police to the UP police, despite the efforts of UP police. However, due to the failure to get Mukhtar, the UP police did not leave any stone unturned to control Mukhtar.

That's why Mukhtar became "a matter of the nose"

When the UP police did not turn dal in front of Punjab and Mukhtar Ansari. Yogi's government felt that water is now going above the head. The mafia Mukhtar has deliberately set himself on the most absurd rule and the mistake of considering himself above the law, so the UP Police and Yogi government have also made it a "nose talk". A single case is registered against Mukhtar in Punjab, while there is a long list of sensational cases against Mukhtar in UP. In such a situation, it is also necessary to raise the question that why is the Government of Punjab, accused in one case, lying in its jails and feeding and feeding it, why is it in the fight of this extent? In order to get Mukhtar from the clutches, UP Police (State Government) had to approach Supreme Court?

Banda Jail assigned Punjab as a "gift"!

Leave it can also be a political scandal in political corridors of two states to encircle and save a criminal type of person! Yet in the case of murder, why is there so much difficulty in bringing dangerous accused from the power of UP police? After all, what is the reason that the state of Punjab is sitting down on going to any extent to not leave a Mukhtar Ansari? Let it go to punjab We will talk about why and how did such a vicious mafia don reach Punjab from UP jail? Secondly, why did the UP government or UP police today even get a glimpse of Mukhtar, why did the jailor of Banda jail send him to Punjab and how? As a "gift", decorated in the plate without any noise?

Banda's jailer turns out

Due to this, not only the UP police but the state government is also compelled to carry out a parade between Delhi-Punjab-UP. At the root of this, the name-work and responsibility are emerging directly, that of a senior superintendent of the Banda District Jail in UP. On January 22, 2019, who blindly shook Mukhtar quietly towards Punjab, which was utterly illegal. It is said that according to the rules, under Section 276 (2) only, Mukhtar could be sent from UP to Punjab. According to this section, if an order is issued by a second class magistrate, then only the jail officer will take further action on it. It is also mandatory to have the seal of the Chief Judicial Magistrate on the order. That is, the jail authority cannot hand over the accused to anyone else without asking the judge.

This is how the law was trampled under foot

In such a situation, the real root of the infighting between the police and the rulers of both states is the same irresponsible senior superintendent jailer of Banda (UP) jail, not Mukhtar Ansari. Mukhtar did whatever he wanted to do, in which he was completely successful. The question is why the senior jailed superintendent jailer, who feasted on such a big mess, has not been dismissed from service by the state prison department so far? So at least no other jailer would dare to commit such a bliss. On the other hand, as soon as the mastermind reached Mukhtar in the hands of the Punjab court, on 24 January 2019, the Judicial Magistrate of Mohali sent him to Rupnagar (Ropar) jail in Punjab, instead of being sent back to Banda jail. Since then, two states ie Punjab and UP have been struggling to prove their claim or occupation on one Mukhtar.

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