Jammu drowning: Tawi recovers the second body

One day after removing his friend’s corpse from the Tawi River in the Kishanpur-Manwal region, on the outskirts of Jammu, J&K police retrieved the body of another young person on Sunday. On May 17, they had gone for a swim in the river where they both perished.

When onlookers discovered Rajinder Singh’s (19) and Abhikash Singh’s (23) clothing on the riverbed, they called the police.

Police, the SDRF, and the NDRF started a search and rescue operation after learning of the information. On Saturday, Rajinder’s corpse was found.


“In addition to J&K police, SDRF and NDRF, 09 Para unit of Army also joined the search and rescue operation today to locate Abhikash,” according to authorities.
Police claimed, “His body was fished out today after frantic efforts,” and they added that an inquiry has been launched to determine the cause of fatalities.

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