“Japan and India Have A Unique Strategic and Global Partnership,” EAM Jaishankar Says At The Raisina Roundtable In Tokyo

Tokyo: On Thursday, External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar praised the relationship between Japan and India, stating that the two nations had a “special strategic and global partnership” with the aim of addressing the issues confronting the international system.

Jaishankar spoke on Thursday at the Observer Research Foundation (ORF) Raisina Roundtable in Tokyo, pointing out how “new balances are being sorted and occasionally achieved.”

Value Of The Roundtable
“The purpose of this discussion is to discuss how India and Japan, two countries with unique strategic and global partnerships, plan to address the issues confronting the international system. This topic has a lot of facets, Jaishankar said.

No matter what measures we employ—GDP, technology, influence, or demography—the top 20 or 30 countries now are different from those of two decades ago. Not only are the nations that affect us different from what they were four or eight decades ago, but even less so from then on out, and as a consequence, new balances are being established and sometimes reached. This is what causes the instability that now exists in the world system,” he said.

Stress on Openness and Freedom
According to the EAM, there should still be a general balance that favors liberty, transparency, and law-based order.

“It is also in our common interest that the overall balance remains in favor of freedom, openness, transparency, and rules-based order with regard to powers that are so central to multipolarity in Asia,” he said.
“The world will observe how we will collaborate with one another to achieve the common objective through diverse partnerships and endeavors,” the EAM said.
Notably, Jaishankar is visiting Japan from March 6–8. He had previously been to South Korea, where he had meetings with the country’s senior authorities.

16th Strategic Dialogue between the Foreign Ministers of India and Japan
He is in Japan for the 16th Strategic Dialogue between the foreign ministers of Japan and India, hosted by Yoko Kamikawa.
According to MEA, the two ministers will talk about matters of bilateral, regional, and international significance as well as share ideas on how to work together for a free, open, inclusive, peaceful, and prosperous Indo-Pacific region.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership was also praised during the roundtable by Tadashi Maeda, Chairman of the Board of the Japan Bank for International Cooperation.

“India, thanks to the efforts of PM Modi’s government, passed the bankruptcy legislation in 2016, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) was introduced in 2017, the indirect tax system was abolished, and labor law simplification occurred in 2020. Speaking at the ceremony, he said, “I met with Ashwini Vaishnaw, who is in charge of IT, two weeks ago at the Raisina discussion.

Japanese Interest in India
On the other hand, Takeshi Niinami, the CEO of Suntory, a worldwide leader in consumer packaged products with headquarters in Japan, highlighted that Japanese nations are now more interested in India.

“We Japanese nations are becoming more interested in India these days. We are also thrilled about the potential for an even greater increase in demand for consumer products, infrastructure, semiconductors, technology, and energy—all of which are in high demand. This is incredible because of the middle class’s growth in India. How crucial is spending to the economy? In that regard, it goes without saying that India’s present product-linked incentive program is encouraging Japanese enterprises to grow their operations in India,” Niinami said.

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