Jharkhand's 'ASHA' employees have been on strike for three days

Jharkhand's 'ASHA' employees have been on strike for three days

The Jharkhand "Asha" workers' indefinite strike reached its third day on Wednesday as they remained steadfast in their demands, which included an increase in pay.

As more than 42,000 Accredited Social Health Activists (Ashas) joined the protest, health services including immunizations and prenatal and post-natal check-ups in rural regions have suffered, an official stated.

If their demands are not satisfied, sahiyas, who aid in community mobilization and enable access to healthcare and healthcare-related services in rural regions, threatened to escalate the commotion.

The "Asha" employees have been holding protests in primary and community health centers around the state and taking part in block-level rallies.

Maya Singh, secretary of the Jharkhand Pradesh Swasthya Sahiya Sangh (JPSSS), declared: "If no one pays heed to our demands, we shall have no choice but to increase the agitation."

According to her, the group has been calling for regularization of services and an increase in pay to at least Rs 18,000 per month in addition to EPF and pension benefits.

The state government's contract workers, who have been on strike since January 17 and are calling for the regularization of their positions, have chosen to step up their protest.