J&K: Manoj Sinha said the anti-encroachment campaign to reclaim state territory would continue

J&K: Manoj Sinha said the anti-encroachment campaign to reclaim state territory would continue

According to Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, the Union Territory's industrial revolution would be fueled by the recovered land from the effort to expel unlawful occupants of state land in Jammu and Kashmir.

"We acquired the grounds. Please understand that we will reclaim all state property. The government must continue to own the state land "During the first FDI project's foundation-laying ceremony in Jammu and Kashmir, held at Sempora, Sinha made the statement.

The eviction effort was started by the administration of the Union Territory in January of this year, but it had to be stopped due to objections.

The reclaimed land, according to Sinha, would be utilised to further the industrial revolution and provide amenities for people.

"Large expanses of land will be provided for the establishment of industries. On the smaller parcels, amenities like play fields will be built. For those in need who don't even have access to property for final rites, the modest plots of land will be utilised as cemeteries "LG said.

The Lieutenant. Governor thanked the people of J&K on the historic occasion as the EMAAR Group of Dubai laid the foundation stone for the Mall of Srinagar in Sempora.

"This new dawn offers many opportunities. We are advancing PM Narendra Modi ji's plans for the development of J&K. The Mall of Srinagar will significantly improve UT's infrastructure, create jobs, and make life easier "added he.

The Mall of Srinagar and related projects with the Government of Dubai, according to Sinha, would support J&K's economic development and assist realise the two countries' shared goal of enhancing bilateral trade and investment relations.

The Prime Minister's tireless efforts, he said, are to blame for the close connections between the UAE and India.

The Lt. Governor emphasised the measures made to establish a favourable climate in J&K for businesses and industries to thrive.

A better and more affluent future is being built for the residents of Union Territory, he added, thanks to unprecedented industrial investment and economic development in J&K.

"During the last three years, we have had remarkable development in a variety of industries, and Jammu and Kashmir has outperformed the rest of the nation in terms of knowledge, physical connection, and digital performance," the LG said.