K C Venugopal, the Secretary of the AICC, describes the Union Government’s stance on the Israel-Palestine War as “highly disappointing”

K C Venugopal, the general secretary of the AICC, has harshly criticized and called “highly disappointing” the position taken by the Union Government on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

He said that from the very beginning, India had a separate strategy for handling the issue.

The Congress politician said in a Malayalam Facebook post that India used to support the Palestinian cause and fight for their rights.

However, he noted, India used to fiercely denounce any kind of violence or counteraggression.

The Rajya Sabha MP said that “Unfortunately, the current Indian stance is not sufficient to put an end to the war.”

He asked the Union Government to convey its opinions on the subject in the same respectful and dignified manner as in the past.

The top member of Congress decried the war’s casualties among ordinary people and the assault on a hospital in Gaza that resulted in the deaths of over 500 Palestinians.

“How can India remain silent when women and children, who are defenseless and innocent, are caught in the crossfire?

The Congress leader criticized the Indian government’s attitude on the Israel-Palestine conflict as being “highly disappointing.”

He said that both Israel and Palestine are subject to the same international humanitarian rules.

According to Venugopal, there is never any justification for the crimes carried out by Hamas in Israel against women, children, and defenseless citizens.

But, he said, it is equally crucial to examine the historical context that produced these conditions.

The Congress MP said that it is astonishing that certain nations are backing the “brutal attack that Israel is unleashing to completely wipe out Gaza” and he pleaded with India not to support it.

According to Venugopal, the horrible effects of this conflict need prompt attention from the world community, and India must take the initiative in bringing about peace and helping those who have been harmed.

“This is the mature and dignified stance that the world expects from India” , he said.

A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed outrage over the unfortunate deaths caused by an assault on a hospital in Gaza, the Congress leader made his comments.

According to the prime minister, civilian deaths in the current war are a significant issue, and those guilty should be held accountable.

The Hamas organization claimed that a large explosion at the al-Ahli hospital in Gaza on Tuesday resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Palestinians.

The Israeli military denied being involved and claimed that a misfired Palestinian rocket was to blame for the explosion, which Hamas claimed was the result of an Israeli air attack.

Armed Hamas militants stationed in the Gaza Strip launched an unprecedented land, air, and sea offensive on Israel on October 7, sparking the start of hostilities between Israel and Hamas.

Up to 2,778 Palestinians have died since the commencement of hostilities.

According to official Israeli authorities quoted in media reports, at least 1,400 Israelis and foreigners have died in Israel.

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