Kalahandi farmers protest over a snag in the weighing equipment at the mandis

Farmers in Bhawanipatna have voiced dissatisfaction and worries, claiming that the mandi in their area received faulty scales from Junagarh RMC. Farmers are still waiting for compensation for the extra paddy that was mistakenly measured due to the problem, which was discovered a week ago.

Information from Chicheguda PACS mandi states that 12 weighing machines that RMC, Junagarh provided were defective and showed reduced weight. This gave rise to allegations that millers’ godowns were receiving bigger deliveries of paddy without the persons involved being aware of it. Farmers who claim to have been duped are now wondering who would pay them for the extra paddy that was stolen.

A farmer named Ashok Meher said that the machines indicated 3.50 to 4 kg less than the usual 5 kg per quintal reduction for converting grain to FAQ requirements. Even when some farmers double-checked and found the mistakes, 143 farmers had already sold more than 10,000 quintals.

Another impacted farmer, Nitesh Thakur, was upset about the significant losses farmers had to bear and brought the issue to the attention of the Tehsil office, Supply Department, and DRCS in order to have it resolved. Many farmers demanded that the differences be immediately reimbursed.

Basanta Meher, the secretary of Chicheguda PACS, said that mistakes were found when the weighing machines were double-checked after complaints were received. On December 20, Meher continued, new machines were installed after notification to the RMC.

In response to questions, RMC secretary Abakash Behera said that replacements were made after complaints were received and that there were technical issues with the 12 computers provided. Mandais are within the jurisdiction of the Cooperative Department, according to CSO Pabitra Sahu. We have requested that the Deputy Director Cooperative’s office look into this and provide a report.