Kamal Nath fighting alone to defend his territory and assist son in winning Chhindwara

In the face of the BJP’s determined attempt to seize the seat, Congress veteran Kamal Nath is essentially fighting alone to assist his parliamentary son Nakul Nath in winning from Chhindwara a second time. This is because a number of his close allies have abandoned him.

The lone MP Lok Sabha seat that the BJP lost in 2019 was Chhindwara. The Nath family seems to be spending more time together campaigning in Chhindwara as the April 19 election draws closer.

Conversely, many high-ranking BJP officials have paid the constituency a visit in order to endorse their party’s nominee, Vivek Bunty Sahu, for this esteemed seat in the Mahakoshal district of Madhya Pradesh.

In the past forty-four years, the BJP has only once defeated the Nath family in Chhindwara. Kamal Nath beat Sahu in the Chhindwara assembly election last year.

“Local vs. outsider” is a topic that MP Chief Minister Mohan Yadav brought up during his six visits to Chhindwara during the election campaign.

He referred to Kamal Nath, who comes from a Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, business family, as a foreigner and Sahu as a native.

Nakul Nath will take against BJP’s Vivek Bunty Sahu on Congress territory for the Chhindwara Lok Sabha seat.
Wealthy and regal: Nakul Nath’s wives in Scindia put in a lot of effort throughout their election campaign.
In an attempt to break through the BJP’s challenge, former chief minister Kamal Nath is seeking to connect on a personal level.

“People used to ask me where Chhindwara was when I told them I was from there 44 years ago. You may declare with pride that you are from Chhindwara no matter where you travel these days.My early years were devoted to Chhindwara. At a recent meeting, the 77-year-old Congress leader said, “Every time I come here, I think back to those days.”

Nath has also counseled children to question their grandparents about the precarious state of the area and contrast it with the current state of development.

Remarkably, no well-known national Congress figure has been to Chhindwara to support Nakul Nath.

Senior Journalist Rasheed Kidwai asked PTI: “Is it possible for the ancient warhorse to win Chhindwara by himself? Despite divergent views, Kamal Nath, the nine-term MP and two-term MLA, is optimistic that he can work a miracle despite widespread defection by his close allies in Chhindwara.”

He said that Kamal Nath is relying mostly on sympathy, which might be advantageous for him.

In addition, Kamal Nath’s wife Alka Nath and daughter-in-law Priya Nath are working hard to support Nakul Nath at a period that has seen many local Congress officials defect from the party.

Kamlesh Shah, the incumbent MLA from Amarwada, the mayor of Chhindwara, Deepak Saxena, a former minister, Amit Saxena, the vice president of the district panchayat, a number of Congress leaders, and a number of corporators resigned from the party before of the Lok Sabha elections.

In 2019, Kamal Nath’s close ally Deepak Saxena resigned from his assembly seat to allow Nath to enter the House after his appointment as chief minister.

Ajay Dhawle, a spokesperson for the state BJP and a Chhindwara local, told PTI that since the announcement of the Lok Sabha elections, about 5,000 Congress leaders and workers—including some well-known figures—have joined the ruling party.

“The public is being made aware of Nakul Nath’s dismal performance in the Lok Sabha by the BJP. 21 lakh of the 24 lakh residents (in the Chhindwara Lok Sabha seat) have benefited from several programs, according to Dhawle.

To support their party candidate, BJP president JP Nadda, Union minister Anurag Thakur, state party head VD Sharma, minister Prahlad Patel, and a number of other politicians traveled to Chhindwara. Dhawle said.

According to him, CM Yadav has made six trips to this parliamentary constituency to campaign. On Tuesday, Union Home Minister Amit Shah conducted a roadshow in Chhindwara.

In different parts of this constituency, former MLAs and heads of organizations have been assigned social obligations, according to Dhawle.

He claimed that Rajya Sabha member Kavita Patidar and senior BJP leader and state minister Kailash Vijayvargiya are stationed in Chhindwara to supervise the electioneering operation.

The Congress has been significantly depending on the work that Kamal Nath has done over the previous forty years to fight the BJP’s campaign and defection.

Piyush Babele, the former chief minister’s media advisor, told PTI that Nakul Nath will win by a margin of one lakh votes. The job that he has completed in the last five years and Kamal Nath’s 40 years in politics will guarantee the win. These development projects have been seen by the whole Chhindwara.”

He said that 6000 km of rural roads had been built in the area, and farmers had access to every convenience.

“Kamal Nath is closely associated with Chindwara. He directly assists individuals with their health and education, and they acknowledge this. Large corporations have created skill development centers, giving the locals job prospects,” he stated.

High-tech farming has taken root in Chhindwara, like neighboring Maharashtra, according to Babele.

“Kamal Nath is the only MP who works as hard for Chhindwara as he did. He feels a personal connection to the locals,” he said.

After serving as a Congress stronghold for forty years, the party has won all seven assembly seats in the Chhindwara and Pandhurna districts.

With 29 parliamentary seats, Kamal Nath’s son was the only candidate to win for the Congress in Chhindwara in 2019. Kamal Nath had won the seat nine times.

There are 16.28 lakh voters in the constituency, consisting of 8.22 lakh males, 8.05 lakh women, and 11 members of the third gender.

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