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The former president of the Bharatiya Janata Party in the state and Member of Parliament, Suresh Kashyap, articulated today that Himachal Pradesh is indeed blessed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s regard for it as his abode, thereby facilitating generous financial aid to the state through various initiatives.

In a conversation with the press subsequent to submitting his candidacy for the parliamentary seat of Shimla as the BJP’s nominee, Kashyap observed that the overwhelming reception he received was palpable in the substantial turnout and fervor exhibited by party workers during yesterday’s BJP rally in this locale. He was accompanied by BJP legislators Sukh Ram Chaudhary and Balbir Verma.

Kashyap remarked on the providential circumstances that has bestowed upon the nation a leader of Modi’s stature, whose stewardship has steered India towards becoming a formidable economic entity. He remarked, “Himachal Pradesh continues to benefit significantly from central funds allocated for various programs, despite the Congress’s endeavor to propagate a deceitful narrative against the BJP.”

The state government has received grants totaling approximately Rs 23,413 crore from the Centre in the current fiscal year alone. Kashyap further noted, “Himachal Pradesh has been enriched by the establishment of premier institutions such as AIIMS in Bilaspur, sprawling across 247 acres and erected at a cost of Rs 1,471 crore, the Central University in Kangra, the IIIT in Una, the Bulk Drug Park, the Medical Devices Park, along with several medical colleges and six central schools.”

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