Kejriwal insults Hindus while remaining mute on Rohingyas: BJP

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal came under fire from Delhi BJP president Virendra Sachdeva on Friday for his comments on migrants from Pakistan and Afghanistan, claiming that the CM had “lost his political cool” after the CAA went into effect.

The Delhi BJP head stated, “It is shameful that today he is abusing persecuted Hindus from Pakistan and Afghanistan who are demonstrating for their rights. Kejriwal is himself a ‘Andolanjeevi,’ who owes his political career to demonstrations.”

He said that the chief minister had humiliated all Punjabis who crossed across from Pakistan to India following the 1947 split by mistreating these migrants.

Sachdeva expressed outrage at Kejriwal’s constant abuse and mocking of the oppressed while remaining mute on the Rohingyas and other Muslim invaders who have taken up residence in various locations.

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