Kerala: Satheesan rejects a Congress organ; Veekshanam sets off a political tornado for Jose K. Mani

An editorial in Veekshanam, the official journal of the Congress, on Wednesday morning seemed to be setting off a political chain reaction, calling for the party’s former partner, the Kerala Congress (M), to rejoin the UDF.

However, it was all over in a puff of smoke when Leader of the Opposition V D Satheesan dismissed the paper’s viewpoint, claiming that neither the Congress nor the UDF had given anybody permission to speak with the KC(M). Both Kerala Congress groups disregarded Veekshanam’s leader piece as well.

Examining the possibilities in light of a potential disagreement within the LDF on the Rajya Sabha seat, the Congress entity recommended KC(M) to return to its former residence. Strangely, the editorial called KC(M) chairman Jose K. Mani “greedy” and was critical of him. The editorial claimed that he had only left the UDF in order to get a cabinet position in the LDF administration.

“The CPM had promised Jose K. Mani that his party’s RS seat would be safeguarded and that KC(M) would be regarded as the second most important partner in the LDF when he separated from the UDF. The front leadership restored the Mani group by offering an RS seat to the KC(M), who had left the UDF before to K M Mani’s death. Jose K. Mani, however, deceived the UDF after Mani passed away. The CPM and CPI have already chosen to split the two seats they may win when the term of the RS seat awarded to Jose comes to an end, the editorial said.

Satheesan, nevertheless, disregarded the editorial. We haven’t spoken about this topic yet. Neither the Congress nor the UDF have made KC(M)’s return to the UDF a formal demand. It is not a topic of discussion in Congress. The UDF must accept it when the party has considered it. Only after completing this procedure can a choice be made. There hasn’t been any conversation. In the Kottayam Lok Sabha seat, our leaders and laborers put in a lot of effort to beat Jose’s nominee,” he said reporters.

Minister Roshy Augustine, the head of KC(M), said that the party is content in the LDF.

Part of the Left Front is the Kerala Congress. The party’s political position is well-defined. Nobody has received an application from us,” Roshy said. Mons Joseph, the head of the Kerala Congress P J Joseph group, also disagreed with the editorial.

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