Kerala woman burns to death after being set ablaze by her male companion

The 46-year-old lady, who was burned by her male acquaintance on Monday night in Chenkottukonam, passed away from her wounds while receiving care at the Medical College Hospital. Ninety percent of her injuries were burns.

The attacker, S Binu, 50, of Chellamangalam, who sustained 60–70% burns during the crime, is receiving treatment at Thiruvananthapuram Medical College. The victim, G Saritha, has been identified.

Saritha was employed as an ayah at Binu’s children’s private school.

Sources claim that around 8 p.m. on Monday, Binu arrived to Saritha’s residence on a two-wheeler while toting a gas can. After arguing with Saritha, he doused her with gasoline and lit her ablaze. When Saritha’s degree-seeking daughter saw the situation, she sobbed.

While lighting Saritha on fire, Binu also sustained injuries. He quickly leaped into a nearby well, where he was saved by emergency services. Saritha passed away this morning from her burn injuries, although the accused and the victim were both transported to the hospital, according to the police.

The Pothencode police said that while the lady has passed away, section 302 (murder) would be added when the inquest processes are over. Originally, the complaint was filed under sections 307 (attempt to kill), 326 (voluntarily inflicting severe harm by fire), and 447 (criminal trespass) of the IPC.

Police said that the woman was a widow who lived with her mother and daughter, but they did not yet know the cause of the crime.