Kerala’s alcohol sales in FY 23–24 exceeded Rs 19,088 crore

May 14, Thiruvananthapuram Kerala saw an increase in alcohol and beer sales from Rs 18,510.98 crore in FY 2022–2023 to Rs 19,088.68 crore in FY 2023–2024.

The only distributor of beer and liquor in Kerala is the government-owned Kerala State Beverages Corporation.

Taxes and levies on alcohol brought in an astounding Rs 16,609.63 crore to the state exchequer, up from Rs 16,189.55 crore in 2022–2023.

Merely 20% of the liquor marketed in the state is produced in Kerala, with the remaining 80% coming from neighboring states.

The Corporation owns 277 retail locations where liquor is sold, and 39 retail locations are run by the state-backed cooperative Consumerfed.

According to the profile of alcohol users in Kerala, out of the 3.34 crore people living in the state, 32.9 lakh persons—29.8 lakh males and 3.1 lakh women—consume alcohol.

Every day, almost five lakh individuals drink alcohol. Of them, 83,851 individuals—1,043 of whom are women—have an alcohol addiction.

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