Kharge claims that PM Modi is instigating people and dividing society; Uddhav believes that “acche din” would arrive after June 4

Mallikarjun Kharge, the head of the Congress, accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday of instigating people and dividing society with his election speeches.

At a news conference organized by the INDIA bloc, Kharge was addressed by prominent figures such as Uddhav Thackeray, the president of Shiv Sena (UBT), and NCP (SP) President Sharad Pawar. On Friday, the opposition coalition staged a demonstration for the election in the city.

“No prime leader has ever dabbled in agitating people as much as Modi has been doing previously. He always talks about democracy, but he doesn’t follow its rules,” Kharge said.

In response to a query on PM Modi’s claim that, should the INDIA alliance win an election, the Congress will demolish the Ram temple in Ayodhya and reinstate Article 370, Kharge said, “We have never used a bulldozer on anyone.” Modi has a tendency to tell falsehoods and incite people about things that Congress would never accomplish or that are impractical to put into practice. When asked where his party stood on Article 370, Kharge said, “I don’t report to Modi. We shall carry out the promises made in our manifesto.

“Wherever he goes, he tries to create division and speaks of dividing society,” he remarked, continuing to attack the PM.

Kharge said, “PM Modi had referred to the Congress manifesto as the Muslim League manifesto, but he now says it is a Maoist manifesto.”

The head of Congress promised that the constitutionally guaranteed reserve would remain untouchable.

“Achche din” are coming from June 4 (when Lok Sabha election results will be announced), when INDIA bloc-led government takes command,” Thackeray said in a speech on the occasion.

The former chief minister stated, “PM Modi calls us ‘nakli’ (fake) Shiv Sena, tomorrow he may call RSS as ‘nakli Sangh’.”

He said that the BJP is using the story of “Pakistan flags in our rally” to deflect attention away from problems like unemployment.

According to Pawar, the INDIA bloc government’s first priority after taking office would be safeguarding all of the nation’s holy sites.

Kharge said that the current GST would be replaced with a straightforward, single-rate GST if the opposition coalition wins power.

He said, “We introduced the Food Security Act, but PM Modi is claiming credit for the free ration supply.”

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