Kiran Patel row: Congress criticizes the PM and challenges the Government on national security

Kiran Patel row: Congress criticizes the PM and challenges the Government on national security

On Friday, the Congress poked fun at the center over the case of suspected Gujarat conman Kiran Patel, who pretended to be a government representative. Congressman Pawan Khera criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for allowing "a conman" to loot government buildings while posing as a representative of the Prime Minister's Office (PMO).

Khera questioned the nation's security system and inquired as to why it took the government so long to apprehend Patel after discovering that he had been abusing government resources for more than five months.

After receiving information from the Crime Investigation Department (CID) of the Jammu and Kashmir Police on March 2 about the arrival of a person posing as a government official in Kashmir for the third time, the Srinagar Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) immediately dispatched a team to the Lalit hotel and made the arrest. Security personnel detained him and later found counterfeit identification cards in his hands.

The entrepreneur Gautam Adani, according to Khera, has the Prime Minister so "focused" that he has lost sight of other national events. He questioned the center as to why Kiran Patel was given a Z+ security clearance and permitted access to locations that are off-limits to civilians.

In Kashmir, whose government is it? Who do they answer to? In the last five years, Kiran Patel has visited Jammu & Kashmir three times. Who has granted the government permission to tamper with the nation's security? What tool set does it belong to? Regarding the Patel case as an issue of national security, Khera questioned.

How can Kiran Patel get Z+ protection, the Congress leader questioned, while thousands of Kashmiri pandits are being killed via targeted killings? Khera said, "Kashmiri pandits are not given any security, be it X, Y, Z, or Z+. "Modiji, is your name on a card by itself sufficient to acquire Z+ security?" Khera enquired.

On March 3, Patel was detained by security personnel in Srinagar while making his third trip to the Kashmir valley. A day after the lawsuit was filed, he was taken into custody for impersonating a "extra secretary" at the Center and was charged with cheating and forgery.

During an inquiry, police discovered that Kiran Bhai Patel, the Ahmadabad-based son of Juddesh Bhai Patel, was impersonating the PMO's Assistant Director (strategic and campaigns). According to the police, he had three prior instances of forgery and defrauding in Bayad, Ahmedabad, and Vadodara.

He had just made his third trip to the Kashmir valley when on March 3 vigilant security personnel made the decision to arrest him.

When Patel first visited Kashmir, he went to popular tourist destinations like Gulmarg, stating that the government had given him the job of looking into how the area's hotels might be improved.

His verified Twitter account shown him successfully dodging security checks since he was flanked by paramilitary forces in several videos and photos of his excursions to Kashmir. He says he has a doctorate from Commonwealth University in Virginia, an MBA from IIM Trichy, a BE in computer engineering, a M Tech in computer science, and a PhD.