Kunwar Vijay Pratap, an AAP member, steps down as the head of a Punjab Assembly committee

Kunwar Vijay Pratap, an AAP member, steps down as the head of a Punjab Assembly committee

According to official sources, AAP MLA Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh has resigned as the head of the Punjab Assembly's committee on government guarantees.

They said that the resignation was delivered through email on Tuesday to the secretary of the Punjab Vidhan Sabha and that it has not yet been accepted.

On January 20, key government officials reportedly met with Singh to discuss the sacrilege charges from 2015 inquiry.

Speaker of the Punjab Assembly Kultar Singh Sandhwan, however, had scheduled a different meeting on that day.

Former IPS officer Pratap Singh had voiced his concern with how the sacrilege cases from 2015 were handled.

He had questioned the inquiry being conducted into the 2015 Kotkapura police fire incident by a Punjab Police special investigation team (SIT) headed by Additional Director General of Police L K Yadav during the Assembly session in September of last year.

Singh had previously been a member of a different SIT that was looking into the 2015 police shooting events in Kotkapura and Behbal Kalan.

He accepted an early retirement, however, when the Punjab and Haryana High Court invalidated the investigation report on April 9 of last year.

Later, Singh joined the Aam Aadmi Party and won the Amritsar North seat, becoming an MLA.

At Bargari in Faridkot, events involving the theft of a "bir" (copy) of the Guru Granth Sahib, handwritten sacrilegious posters, and damaged pages of the holy book occurred in 2015. These occurrences had sparked demonstrations, during which two people were murdered in Behbal Kalan and many more were wounded by police gunfire at Kotkapura.