Lok Sabha Polls 2024: Telangana’s Wedding-Themed Polling Booth Is Appealing To Voters

Today, May 13, at 7 AM, the fourth phase of the Lok Sabha Election 2024 began. Participating in the process are 96 Lok Sabha constituencies spread across 10 states and Union Territories. Pictures and videos of people from different polling places celebrating the election are all over social media feeds. Everyone’s attention has been drawn to a certain voting booth in Kodangal, Telangana, because of its distinctive ambience. Voters were pleasantly delighted to enter the station and be welcomed like they were attending a wedding ceremony. According to reports, this unusual arrangement was designed to draw in voters and guarantee a large number of attendees.

Voters were thrilled with the polling station with a wedding motif, and the video shows people grinning as they enter the building. A volunteer is seen giving each voter a variety of flowers as they enter the voting place in the video that is doing the rounds online. The entryway is cheerily decked with colorful curtains, balloons, and fresh plants, just like at a real wedding. In order to improve the voting experience, flowers were added to both the entrance and the polling places.

A groom from Amravati, Maharashtra, made news during the second round of the Lok Sabha 2024 election when he cast his family’s ballot before his wedding. In a similar vein, a bride and groom were seen casting their ballots at the Buddhi polling station in Kathua, Jammu & Kashmir, during the first round, together with all of their wedding guests. Not wasting any time, a newlywed couple in Udhampur cast their ballots immediately after their nuptials.

With 25 seats up for grabs in Andhra Pradesh, 17 in Telangana, and numerous more spread throughout states like Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha, Jharkhand, and Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir, the most recent Lok Sabha election involves a sizable chunk of India. Voters with 17.7 crore eligible votes may cast their ballots.

There is fierce rivalry in this election round, with over 1,717 contestants vying for the top spot. BJP leader and Union Minister Giriraj Singh from Baharampur, Akhilesh Yadav from the SP from Kannauj, Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary from the Congress, and Mahua Moitra from the TMC from Krishnanagar are all well-liked candidates. In addition, TMC’s Shatrughan Sinha is running from Asansol, while Union Minister and former Jharkhand chief minister Arjun Munda is running from Khunti.

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