The INDIA group will win the LS elections, and the BJP won’t even get 200 seats: Mamata Banerjee

Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister of West Bengal and the leader of the Trinamool Congress, said on Saturday that the BJP would “not cross the 200 mark” in the polls and that the INDIA alliance will win the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.


She urged the people not to support any non-TMC parties that would help the saffron camp and accused the Congress and CPI(M) of forming a relationship with the BJP in the state in order to undermine the state government.

Banerjee said, “I had coined the name INDIA and at the national level we the coalition partners are all working together to resist the autocratic, demonic Narendra Modi government,” while speaking at an election rally in Goghat, which is under the Arambagh Lok Sabha seat. TMC will do its part in bringing the INDIA bloc to authority.”

“Observe what Modi is saying now: the BJP will no longer be creating lofty “400 paar” seats. The writing on the wall is already legible to him. The BJP won’t even reach 200 votes. BJP will eventually die,” she said.

Banerjee said that in order to undermine the governing TMC, which is only fighting Amit Shah and Narendra Modi in the state, CPI(M), Congress, and other Left allies in West Bengal have formed a “mahaghot” (unprincipled connection) with the autocratic, communal BJP.

Along with criticizing the CPI(M) for allegedly carrying out mass killings in locations like Goghat and Sihar when under its control, the TMC chief said that only she, as the opposition leader at the time, had the courage to confront the “Marxist terror at that time braving her life.”

“I know the true face of CPI(M) in Bengal,” she said.

describing Shah and Modi as “anti-Bengal” , she said that “his issuing advertisements in media to profess his love for the state won’t cut much ice with the residents of the state who knows these BJP heavyweight leaders will never understand our ethos and sentiments.”

She reiterated her claims that the BJP fabricated accusations of atrocities against TMC leaders on Sandeshkhali women, saying that “they made some of the poor, unsuspecting women sign on blank papers and incorporated charges of sexual misconduct in the complaint later.”

She warned voters and security officials, saying, “Be alert about BJP’s sinister plan to remove some of the idols from temples (in Sandeshkhali and elsewhere) and engineer riots to get votes on polarization plank.”

Modi, according to Banerjee, is also trying to alter the Indian constitution.

She said that Modi was attempting to rename India Bharat and alter the secular principles and pluralistic values that are ingrained in the constitution.

“This has become more pronounced since the coinage of INDIA name by us,” she said.

Banerjee also pledged to start the process of eliminating the CAA and NRC as soon as the INDIA alliance wins the general elections.

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