Madhya Pradesh: Cash taken and liquor firm boss fatally murdered in open daylight

Madhya Pradesh: Cash taken and liquor firm boss fatally murdered in open daylight

In a horrifying occurrence, the manager of a liquor firm was killed in broad daylight while bringing Rs 22 lakh in cash to deposit at a Satna city bank on Monday. The thieves then fled with the money.

"Five criminals utilized two motorbikes to do the crime and flee. They have been captured on CCTV, and the police are utilizing a variety of hints to find them, Mahendra Singh, the City Superintendent of Police (CSP) of Satna, informed the media.

In Satna city, the tragedy has caused a wave of panic. Sanjay Singh, a manager of the Bhatia Group, has been identified as the victim, according to the CSP (a liquor company).

Later in the day, K.P. Venkateshwar Rao, the Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) for the Rewa zone, Mithilesh Shukla, and Ashutosh Gupta, the Superintendent of Police (SP), arrived at the crime scene to assess the situation. THE WEEK's calls to the SP remained unanswered.

Sources claim that the event took place at approximately 1:30 pm in the Mukhtiyar Ganj neighborhood, under the Kotwali police station in Satna city, next to a nationalized bank. Sanjay Singh used to often go to the bank to deposit money. The crooks opened fire on Singh at close range as he was getting out of the rear seat of a four-wheeler (being driven by a company driver), instantly killing him. Singh had a fatal head injury.

Five crooks were apparently seen on Surveillance video waiting in front of the bank on two motorbikes for the manager to arrive. Others are believed to have fired into the air while one of them (wearing a yellow helmet) allegedly shot the manager dead, setting off a panic in the neighborhood. The five criminals snatched the sack of cash and rode off on motorbikes while brandishing their weapons. Several of them had scarves over their faces; others had their faces exposed.

To learn more about the suspects' escape path, police are reviewing the CCTV camera video from the Bank and other CCTV cameras placed across the city. According to sources, it is likely that the offenders have already entered Uttar Pradesh since Satna is just 80 kilometers from the interstate boundary. Sanjay Singh, who died, was also an Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, native.

Opposition In response to the heinous act, Congress assailed the state administration. Head of the Congress media cell K.K. Mishra tweeted that evidence had disproved Shivraj Singh Chouhan's assertions that dacoits had been driven out of the state. "Manager of a liquor firm was killed in Satna in broad daylight, and Rs 22 lakhs were stolen. He said in the tweet, "Why is crime at its peak during your administration, Shivraj ji?