Maharashtra: Man allegedly kills mother over disagreement over delicious food

Police said on Tuesday that a man from the Thane region of Maharashtra is suspected of killing his mother, 55, after a quarrel with her over her failure to provide him with appetizing student

The event happened on Sunday night in Murbad taluka’s Velu village, according to a representative of the Thane rural police control room.

The mother used to argue often with her son over household matters.

According to the police, who cited the FIR, the guy and his mother got into a fight again on Sunday. This time, he claimed that she didn’t prepare or serve him any good food.

According to the official, the guy struck his mother with a sickle on her neck in a fit of rage, causing her to fall and pass away.

Police were called to the scene by several neighbors, who transported the corpse to a government hospital for a post-mortem.

The accused reportedly overdosed on sleeping pills after the encounter. According to the official, he was taken to the hospital by family members and is not currently in custody.

According to him, a murder complaint under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code was filed against the defendants on Monday.

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