Maharashtra: Once a three-party government was created, Pankaja Munde claims she has no remaining seat

Following the creation of the three-party coalition government in Maharashtra, Pankaja Munde, the national secretary of the BJP and a former state member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), said on Monday that she no longer had a seat. Munde was having a media interview at the ‘Gaon Chalo Abhiyan’.

According to a PTI article, Munde said that every time an election is declared, people talk about her name and assume she’s looking for work. It’s also clear that people use my name. “I no longer have a constituency in Maharashtra since the formation of the three-party administration. Thus, these discussions take place “Pankaja Munde

Pankaja Munde, the late prominent BJP politician Gopinath Munde’s daughter, served as a minister in a previous Maharashtra administration held by the BJP. But Pankaja lost to her cousin and NCP politician Dhananjay Munde in the 2019 election for the Parli assembly seat in Beed, her stronghold. Dhananjay Munde is now a minister in the state’s three-party system, which consists of the NCP’s Ajit Pawar faction, the BJP’s Eknath Shinde faction, and the Shiv Sena.

When asked whether she would like to run for a Rajya Sabha seat or the Lok Sabha, Pankaja Munde reportedly stated that it was too late to make a decision. She said that at this point, what counts are the opinions and preferences of her followers in Beed and other regions of the state. “If they see me in that position, it will be a big thing,” she said.

Pankaja Munde has been linked to Shiv Sena, however, she has never publicly said or verified that she is leaving the BJP. Pankaja has kept her distance from the BJP’s senior hierarchy since 2019.

In her 2023 annual Dussera rally, Pankaja denounced the present government, claiming that in the 2024 elections, the people will defeat ‘characterless politicians’. She said, “I will fight to destroy those who are unfit to lead the state, who lack morality, and who abuse their wealth to further their own agendas.”

During her Dussera rally, Pankaja Munde, a spokesperson for the Other Backward Classes (OBC), said, “The State is facing many serious problems today.” Reservations are demanded by the Marathas. The community of OBCs has high hopes for the state administration. People are no longer able to handle disappointment.”

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