Maharashtra’s health department reports 91 instances of the KP.2 strain of Omicron

According to the health department’s Monday report, news agency PTI, Maharashtra has documented 91 instances of the KP.2 form of Omicron thus far, with 51 of those cases occurring in Pune.

According to Dr. Rajesh Karyakarte, the coordinator of the state’s genome sequencing project, this is on top of the JN.1, KP.2, and KP.1.1 Omicron sub-variants that have been identified in Maharashtra. According to him, KP.1.1 and KP.2 are both JN.1 sub-lineages, according to PTI.

Thane has 20 KP cases on file.According to PTI, he said, there are two Omicron sub-variants, seven in Amravati and Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar, two in Solapur, and one each in Sangli, Latur, Ahmednagar, and Nashik.

According to the health department, Maharashtra reported six new COVID-19 cases on Monday, with three of those instances occurring in Pune and Mumbai.

With an average of around 250 detections in March, Maharashtra had a little rise in cases, which is probably related to the KP.2 variant’s dissemination.

Prior to the worldwide recall of the COVID-19 vaccination by the multinational pharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca, the Pune-based Serum Institute of India (SII) announced that it will no longer be producing or supplying Covishield beyond December 2021.

The “marketing authorisation” for AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccination, which is marketed as Vaxzevria in Europe and Covishield in India, has been voluntarily revoked.

A SII official told IANS in a statement that the demand for earlier vaccines dropped dramatically as a result of new mutant variant strains emerging and India reaching high immunization rates in 2021 and 2022.

“Consequently, since December 2021, we have stopped the manufacturing and supply of additional doses of Covishield,” said a spokesman.

According to the Serum Institute, “it’s crucial to emphasise our commitment to transparency and safety,” and they “fully understand the ongoing concerns.”

“We have disclosed all rare to very rare side effects, including thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome, in the packaging insert in 2021,” the business said right away.

A unusual side effect known as thrombotic thrombocytopenic syndrome (TTS) has been connected to at least 81 fatalities and hundreds of severe injuries in the UK. It may induce blood clots and low blood platelet counts in patients.

The SII emphasized that vaccination safety is still the top priority, even in light of the difficulties encountered during the worldwide epidemic.

“Vaxzervria from AstraZeneca and Covishield from us—both vaccinations have played a major role in saving millions of lives throughout the globe.

“We commend the collaborative efforts of governments and ministries in facilitating a unified global response to the pandemic,” said the Serum Institute.

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